Ampli5 Sports Bands

386 Warehouse LLC’s Ampli5, a line of health and sports wristbands, is now available at major retail outlets and convenient stores nationwide, including Circle K, Tom Thumb and Pilot Food Mart. Ampli5’s Health-Sports bands are designed to increase one’s performance by balancing the natural energy field and restoring the proper internal frequencies of the body. The Ampli5 Technology is contained in a proprietary alloy that is part of each Ampli5 product. Working under the principle that every cell in the human body is electromagnetically charged, Ampli5 is engineered to correct and rebalance the body’s natural energy field to improve performance. Major distributors such as Core-Mark, Imperial-Harrison and Liberty USA are currently distributing Ampli5 products. Ampli5 products come in several different categories, including wristbands, with the option of leather or silicone (in a variety of colors, ranging from small to large sizes); silver-plated dog tags; and a functional drink and shot.
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  1. Mtnbiker says:

    Great product it actually works!

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