Ice and Water Vending Machine

Kooler Ice introduces its newest ice and water vending machine, the IM1000.

“The IM1000 is not only the most productive ice vending machine ever built for its size, but it is also equipped with our exclusive ‘IceTalk’ smart monitoring system which will provide our owners the most efficient machine management system in the industry. With its backlit machine graphics and its new eye catching look, the IM1000 is changing the face of ice and water vending,” said Jeff Dyson, vice president of sales for Kooler Ice.

The IM1000 is compact in size, but offers the largest storage bin it its class, providing users up to 1,000-pounds of ice storage. The IM1000 can produce up to 150-10-pound bags of ice in a single day. It automatically produces, stores and bags fresh ice, on demand – quickly and conveniently. It features an easy bag changing system which can hold up to 750 bags at a time.

For added flexibility, the machine can be ordered from the factory with a choice of three ice makers to offer varying production options. Owners can choose a 10-pound or 16-pound vend option, or a 10-pound and 20-pound vend option (two 10-pound bags) to tailor the machine to meet the owner’s application. It can also be equipped with a filtered or RO water vending system, as well as adapted to offer credit/debit/cash payment options.

The IM1000 also offers the smartest monitoring system ever designed for an ice and water vending machine. The proprietary “IceTalk” communication system provides owners the ability to be in contact with their machine 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from remote locations, and has features that allow owners to control important machine functions from their smart phone or computer to maximize efficiency and provide outstanding customer service.

The IM1000 is a green alternative to the current trucked ice delivery system. Retailers can now substantially increase their packaged ice profits – especially as gas prices continue to rise.

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  2. this looks like a great product, we are tired of fuel surcharges on ice deliveries

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