Shell Celebrates WINsday With Rewards

Shell Saver Card holders will gain cents off fuel when driver Kurt Busch wins a race.

Shell is encouraging motorists to join its Shell Saver Card program with new offers rewarding customer loyalty.

New cardholders will be rewarded for activating a card with savings of 10 cents per gallon on every grade of Shell Nitrogen Enriched and Shell diesel fuel through April 30, 2011. Meanwhile, all cardholders have a chance to save 22 cents per gallon throughout the year as part of a special racing promotion called “WINsdays with Kurt Busch,” driver of the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil car.

More New Cardholder Savings
After April 30, 2011, new Shell Saver Card holders will continue to enjoy an everyday savings of two cents per gallon on all Shell-branded fuel purchases. Further, consumers who activate a Shell Saver Card before April 30, 2011 will receive a limited edition racing-themed Shell Saver Card featuring the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Car that has an imprinted autograph by driver Kurt Busch.

All Cardholders’ Win-Win Offer
If Kurt Busch wins a points race during the 2011 season, Shell Saver Card holders will receive a savings of 22 cents per gallon. The savings will be applicable when cardholders purchase Shell Nitrogen Enriched gasolines and Shell diesel the Wednesday following Kurt’s win—now known as “WINsday.”

The 2011 season is set to begin Feb. 20 and 36 points races are scheduled to be run through Nov. 20, which means Shell Saver Card holders have 36 chances for savings on “WINsday” with Kurt. The enhanced savings will automatically register at the pump and cardholders will be reminded via email to redeem the “WINsday” 22 cents per gallon savings opportunity if Kurt wins.

Shell Oil Products US recognizes that Americans are continuing to approach purchasing decisions with a cautious stance, even for everyday staples such as fuel. Consumers are spending smarter, including comparing prices through digital technology and by using debit instead of credit. According to the most recent Federal Reserve Bank Payments Study, debit cards have become the No. 1 non-cash payment method, according to That’s a trend that bodes well for savvy spenders who use a check card that provides additional perks like the Shell Saver Card. The Shell Saver Card is a non-credit payment product exclusive to Shell that acts like a debit card by linking directly to cardholders’ checking accounts and offering savings at the pump.



  1. Awesomer deal! Now if Kurt Busch will just win a race…

  2. Jrussell1014 says:

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!  My local Shell station jacked gas prices up 25 cents per gallon today just so I could have the privilege of saving 22 cents per gallon.  Looks like big oil wins again!!!!!!!!!

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