Scott Petroleum Acquires Bostick Brothers Co.

Scott Petroleum has acquired Bostick Brothers, effective on Jan. 1, reported. Both are Mississippi companies founded between the 1920’s and 1930’s.

“Bostick Brothers was in business for 81 years,” Xan Robertson, grandson of founder Xan Bostick, was quoted as saying. “It was just a good time to sell.”

While details of the transaction were not released, the acquisition occurred because the current owners, Robertson and his brother Tom, wanted to focus their attention in a different direction.

“My brother and I are really more farmers,” Xan Robertson told the “It got to a point where we wanted to focus more on farming and no one else in our family was interested in coming back and running the company.”

Scott Petroleum purchased both the land and stores from Bostick Brothers and plan to soon convert the pumps and canopies to reflect the change in ownership.

Bostick Brothers  was founded in 1929 by Xan Bostick and went by Bolivar Oil Co. in the early years. The company was created to supply the demand for petroleum-based products for farmers and businesses. As those farmers and businesses relied less on kerosene, Bolivar Oil began offering diesel, propane, ethanol and biodiesel. In 1961 Bolivar Oil Co. changed its name to Bostick Brothers when Xan formed a partnership with his brothers, C.A. and R.M. Bostick.

Solon Scott Sr. founded Scott Petroleum in 1935. The company sold liquefied petroleum gas and was based in Itta Bena. Although the company began as a butane gas company, through the years in business their line has grown to included gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, aviation fuel, kerosene, grease and oils.



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