Three Loyalty Trends to Take Hold by 2030

COLLOQUY magazine has predicted three loyalty trends expected to shape the future of marketing two decades down the road. It calls the three trends, “The Next New Normal,” “The New I-Network” and “The New Marketing Reality.”

The Next New Normal
COLLOQUY predicts that multi-generational households will place  a stronger focus on localism in coming years, and that increasingly time-starved customers will be The Next New Normal by the year 2030. Marketers will find themselves not only engaging with consumers at a local level, but marketing to multiple generations living at the same location, as well.

The New I-Network
Expect consumers to take hold of their ability to connect with their community and form their own networks, making it increasingly difficult for brands to get accepted into those networks. Forget “opt in” and think “friending.”

The New Marketing Reality
The growth of consumer power is expected to multiply to the power of 10. Marketers must prepare for a time when a critical mass of consumers may set the terms of engagement with brands.

“We are shifting to an era when consumers are no longer going to be as free with their time,” said COLLOQUY Managing Partner Kelly Hlavinka. “Marketers should prepare to hear consumers say, ‘This is my time and attention and this is what it’s going to take for you to break through.'”

Major Influences
Five factors that COLLOQUY says will strongly influence future loyalty trends around the world:

1. An aging population

2. A burgeoning middle class

3. Increasing extremes of wealth

4. More boom-and-bust cycles

5. Technology advances towards the seamless, instant and personal.




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