SkinzWraps Delivers For 7-Eleven

7-Eleven has hired SkinzWraps Inc., a vehicle wrap company, to assist in its ongoing store makeover program.

SkinzWraps was tasked with creating a realistic looking wrap alternative to the more costly hammer tone marble. The upgrade solution created by SkinzWraps was for the heavily-used coffee bar cabinets within 7-Eleven convenience stores.

After design and print samples were approved, the upgrade solution created by SkinzWraps was real world tested at a local Dallas-based 7-Eleven convenience store, and then later rolled out to a total of 25 7-Eleven stores across the country slated for makeovers.

“Working with 7-Eleven on this project has been a great way for us to demonstrate to them the crossover potential of SkinzWraps’ integrated offering, our attention to detail and our ability to scale on a nationwide level,” said Peter Salaverry, CEO of SkinzWraps. “With 25 locations now successfully completed, we are fully prepared for a nationwide rollout of this upgrade solution, should and when 7-Eleven decides to move forward. We are also looking forward to expanding our new working relationship with 7-Eleven.”




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