7-Eleven To Introduce ATM Advertising

Advertising is coming to ATMs in 7-Eleven stores. Cardtronics plans to launch advertising on approximately 2,200 of its Vcom financial kiosks located in 7-Eleven stores in the U.S., on the heels of offering third-party advertising on about 800 ATMs operated by Bank Machine, Cardtronics’ United Kingdom subsidiary.

Cardtronics signed a multi-year agreement with i-design, the United Kingdom-based provider of atmAd marketing platform for self-service devices, to bring immersive third-party advertising to Cardtronics ATMs. i-design will sell ATM advertising space to third-party brands on behalf of Cardtronics, allowing these advertisers to place their messages on Cardtronics’ ATMs equipped with i-design’s atmAd software in both the U.S. and the United Kingdom. The delivery of advertisers will be managed by i-design’s well-established, full-service media sales operation, which works with an extensive list of global, blue-chip advertisers.

The agreement follows a successful pilot program that Cardtronics and i-design ran at hundreds of sites in the U.S. for one of the nation’s largest beer brewers.

Independent research revealed that consumers in the pilot were highly receptive to ATM advertising with more than 95% recall of the advertised brand. Further, 94% of surveyed ATM users agreed that the transaction was a better experience when the advertising campaign was playing.

By selecting atmAd as the company’s ATM advertising solution provider, Cardtronics expects to enjoy new revenue opportunities while enhancing the consumer ATM experience with relevant offers, said Ana Stewart, CEO of i-design. “The company’s extensive U.S. estate provides a highly attractive channel for major brands to reach consumers and represents a significant step forward in making advertising through the self-service channel a reality in the U.S.”

“Cardtronics is focused on getting the most value out of its deployed assets, and third-party advertising represents a new revenue stream for the company,” said Rick Updyke, Cardtronics’ president of U.S. Business Group.  “i-design offers a turnkey solution for selling and managing third-party ad campaigns, and they have a proven track record of generating advertising revenues. Cardtronics will be able to maximize its channel potential and provide value to consumers through relevant promotions.”




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