Lettieri’s Rolls Out New Product Lines


Lettieri’s introduces new Stufferz.

Lettieri’s is rolling out new additions to its foodservice line. It recently introduced new Stufferz-mini loaves of bread stuffed with meats and cheeses-and has also extended its Stuffed Bread Stix line, creating several new flavors plus a blend of unique bread dough for each filling recipe.

“In addition to providing multiple day-part options,” noted David Poplau, director of marketing and sales support at Lettieri’s, “the six-inch Stuffed Bread Stix allow more facings on a roller grill, thus maximizing space and allowing operators a greater variety of menu flavors to feature.”

The new expanded line of Stuffed Bread Stix  includes:

Sausage and Pepperoni – A pizza on-the-go in a hand held snack.  Stuffed with lots of Italian sausage and pepperoni, and combined with a tangy tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese -all enrobed in a foccacia seasoned and par-baked bread stick.

Pepperoni -America’s No. 1 pizza topping, now conveniently crafted for hand-held convenience.  This stuffed breadstick is full of pepperoni bits in a  tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese.

Mozzarella Cheese -For the cheese lover, this soft, yet durable breadstick is filled with real Mozzarella cheese from end to end-all wrapped around a par-baked bread stick seasoned to perfection with garlic and onion.

Sausage, Egg & Cheese-Filled with spicy breakfast sausage, chopped scrambled eggs and American cheese, this one is ideal for morning customers on-the-go.

Philly Steak -A combination of sliced beef steak, cheese, onions and green peppers all stuffed in a cornmeal seasoned stuffed breadstick.

Buffalo Chicken-A zesty spin on the popular appetizer is ideal for a grab-and-go snack or carry-out for the big game.  It’s a delicious combination of buffalo seasoned chicken meat, mozzarella and white American cheeses in a paprika seasoned stuffed breadstick.

Apple -A special recipe blending graham cracker crumbles into the bread dough, then generously stuffed with diced apple bits sweetened with sugar and cinnamon.

The Stuffed Bread Stix require minimal preparation, and can be taken directly from the freezer, brought to temperature on a roller grill, and served.  “This new formulation also insures better and longer hold times on the roller grill-up to three hours-and softer, yet durable bread dough,” Poplau noted.

Meanwhile, the new Stufferz line begins with Lettieri’s specially-formulated mini bread loaves, which are then stuffed with an array of seasoned meats and cheeses.  Each of these meal-sized entrees is 4.2 ounces and suggested retail ranges from $1.99 to $2.29 each.

Varieties include:

BBQ Pork -A blend of cornmeal and BBQ seasoned bread filled with slow roasted, tender, smoked pulled pork that’s combined with a small amount of onions and mixed with “Sweet Baby Ray’s” BBQ Sauce.

Buffalo Chicken -Cornmeal and paprika dusted bread stuffed with a balanced blend of Buffalo seasoned chicken meat, mozzarella and white American cheeses.

Spicy Fiesta Chicken-Specially developed for the exploding demand for Hispanic and Latino inspired food offerings.  It all begins with a bread loaf topped with cornmeal, Romano cheese and black pepper, then filled with diced chicken ‘and fajita chicken meat.  Add in a mixture of shredded cheese and cheese melt, roasted onions, red pepper strips and jalapeno peppers for a true ‘South of the Border’ taste.

“What a perfect meal for busy customers on the go,” said Peter Hickey, senior sales vice president for Lettieri’s, “and so convenient for the retailer as well.  Each Stufferz arrives at the store fully-merchandised with four-color graphics so retailers can sell right out of the warmer or cooler case.”

Hickey noted that in a warmer, Stufferz have a three-hour hold time and can be sold up to 14 days in a refrigerated cooler. Lettieri’s Stufferz come packed 12 to a case.

Lettieri’s offers a full-line of sandwiches and other foodservice items covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and between-meal day-parts. In addition the company offers extensive advertising and merchandising support including a full line of POP and equipment.



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