BP Partners With Telvent

BP has selected Telvent DTN TABS, a real-time IT solutions and information provider, to manage U.S. credit limits and monitor production allocations.

DTN TABS terminal automation system authorizes or denies fuel loads based on pre-defined controls, which reduces the risk of credit losses or inventory depletion. By monitoring real-time load data from its terminals, BP can view saleable product allocations to help manage inventory, anticipate product demand and prioritize volume.

Pulling allocation reports becomes a simple task for BP team members. DTN TABS can also send real-time email allocation alerts to customers who can use the information to request additional loads from BP, who can then go online and place an order through bpconnection.  In addition to enhancing their customer service capabilities, BP can augment its quality control practices by offering increased transparency through real-time electronic bills of lading and allocation records.

“We are eager to help BP proactively manage operations to help capture new sales opportunities,” said Telvent CEO, Ignacio Gonzalez. “By implementing TABS, BP will also be able to streamline efficiencies that will enhance its customer service capabilities.”

Telvent DTN TABS is supported by all commercial terminal automation vendors and is widely utilized throughout the industry.  Telvent DTN works closely with the American Petroleum Institute to develop and support industry terminal communication standards and protocols.

Each day BP serves more than 13 million consumers worldwide.  In the U.S., BP is one of the largest suppliers and marketers of gasoline and a supplier of premium gasoline at over 150 available terminals and 12,000 retail sites nationwide that sell over 22 billion gallons of fuel annually.




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