F.L. Roberts Adds Web-based Training

F.L. Roberts has launched a new partnership to bring online training services through Ready Training Inc. (RTO) and Targeted Solutions to their employees.  

“We understand the importance of delivering quality training for our employees. By utilizing the industry knowledge of Targeted Solutions and RTO’s Web-based training technology, we can ramp-up our efforts in providing our customers with an outstanding experience,” said Richard Smith, vice president of operations for Springfield, Mass.-based F.L. Roberts, which operates 65 sites in Massachusetts and Connecticut, including convenience stores, Golden Nozzle Car Wash and Jiffy Lube locations.  

For the past five years, RTO has harnessed the power of the Web to become a force in online training for companies. “We are very excited to partner with F.L. Roberts.  As they continue to grow we’ll provide an important resource for delivering quality online training to their employees,” said Jeff Kahler, president and CEO of RTO.  

“I’m proud to be part of developing an educational offering for the F.L. Roberts organization,” noted Tom Hart, founder and CEO of Targeted Solutions, a top-to-bottom consulting firm for the industry. “By joining forces with RTO, we’ll be able to offer a cost-effective, dynamic curriculum for their convenience and Golden Nozzle car wash locations.”


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