Bag Ban Opposition Mounts

Opposition to AB 1998, “bag ban bill,” is growing rapidly across the state of California.

Hundreds of businesses, many of them small grocers and retailers have joined forces with manufacturing associations, chambers of commerce and plastic bag makers statewide to send a clear message to the state government: start focusing on the real problems facing Californians.

In its current iteration, AB 1998 would prohibit large grocers, drug stores, food marts and convenience stores from providing their customers free plastic bags and require a minimum five-cent fee on paper bags. The Senate Appropriations Committee determined that AB 1998 would require $2 million in new state costs to fund a new “bag police” bureaucracy. The fees collected from paper bags would be pocketed by grocers and would not fund the infrastructure required by the bill.  The passage of AB 1998 would result in the elimination of hundreds of California-based plastic bag manufacturing jobs and would dismantle a young, but growing, plastic bag recycling infrastructure.

AB 1998 is pending consideration by the Senate Rules Committee after it was moved from the Senate Appropriations Committee late last week without a vote. Because AB 1998 did not meet the August 13 committee reporting deadline, it would require a 2/3 majority to pass to the Senate floor for final consideration before the legislature adjourns August 31.

The growing list of those opposing AB 1998 includes:

Fiesta Foods

Food Fair Market

Market Produce

Sierra Produce

Whittier Farms

Garden Ranch Market

Black Business Association

California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

California Manufacturers & Technology Association

California Film Extruders & Converters Association

Californians for Extended Producer Responsibility

Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce

Long Beach Black Chamber of Commerce

Moreno Valley Black Chamber of Commerce

Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce

Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, (Long Beach)

Downey Chamber of Commerce

San Diego Urban Economic Corporation

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Alameda County

Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Silicon Valley

Carson Black Chamber of Commerce

Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Fresno

Los Angeles Metro Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

South Bay Latino Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles

Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, Long Beach

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Orange County

Inland Empire Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

California Coalition of Filipino American Chambers of Commerce, Los Angeles

American Chemistry Council

For a full list of the nearly 500 small businesses and organizations opposed to AB 1998 and more information about the fight against AB 1998, visit Visitors are also invited to sign up to receive updates.

SOURCE: The American Chemistry Council




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