Thorntons Celebrates Freedom Day

Thorntons has announced that Sunday, July 11 is its FREEdom Day Celebration, and customers can go to any neighborhood Thorntons, and receive a free fountain or coffee drink.

Thorntons’ fountain drinks are made with 100% filtered water to ensure a crisp clean tasting beverage, while its signature coffee is made with handpicked 100% Arabica beans. Customers can mix their hot beverage to their liking thanks to a wide variety of creamers and sweeteners. In addition to coffee, Thorntons other hot beverage offerings such as cappuccino and hot chocolate are also included in the free offer.

“This is a great opportunity for our customers to enjoy a Fabulous Fountain or Great Coffee,” said Matt Thornton, president and CEO of Thorntons. “Customers can see our commitment to ensure they have the highest quality dispensed beverage in the world.”




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