California Station Ups Its Gas Prices to $8.87

Just what would happen if gas prices hit $9.00? Well, a station in Pasadena, Calif., found out when it upped its prices yesterday.

The price of unleaded gas was listed at $8.87 a gallon at Washington Boulevard V and A Fuels station in Pasadena, Calif., on Tuesday and super unleaded was listed at $9.09, leaving shocked and confused customers asking questions, the Pasadena Star News reported.

Kathleen Waller, a regular customer told the paper, “I thought it was a joke.” But the attendant told the paper and customers the price had been raised that morning and was, in fact, correct. While some customers bought gas that morning despite the high rate, many turned around quickly.

The station also had a sign saying it was accepting “cash only,” which several regular customers said was also not normal.

According to the Automobile Club of Southern California, the average price of a gallon of gas in Los Angeles County actually fell this week – to $2.95, the lowest price for regular unleaded since Dec. 28.

Many independently owned gas stations on Washington Boulevard have boasted some of the cheapest gas in Pasadena for years, including V and A Fuels. But one station, the Fastop, has gone out of business, and another, Garo Gas, now sells only diesel.

Adam Gottlieb of the California Energy Commission said there are no legal restrictions prohibiting station owners from charging whatever price they want for gasoline.

Paul Ramirez told the Pasadena Star News he wanted to fill his Toyota SUV and had been a regular customer since the station opened three months ago. “It was the cheapest gas in town – until today,” said Ramirez. “I pulled up to buy gas, then the (store clerk) said ‘Make sure you know the prices,’ and I asked if she was kidding…Then I asked for my card back.”





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