Drivers Get Free Gas in Phoenix

Drivers lined up at a Circle K in central Phoenix Thursday morning to take advantage of a free gas giveaway as Allstate Insurance celebrated Phoenix being named the safest big city for drivers in America, KTAR News reported.

Allstate sponsored the gas giveaway at the Circle K located at Osborn Road and Third Street, from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., when drivers could fill their tanks with up to 10 gallons of gas.

Customers didn’t complain about the wait, noting the service was a big help in a down economy.

Phoenix ranked first among big cities in the 2009 Allstate America’s Best Drivers report, which rates cities based on the likelihood of car accidents.

According to the report, the average driver in Phoenix will be involved in an auto collision every 9.2 years, 8.8% more higher than the national average. Meanwhile drivers in San Diego—the second-safest city with a population over 1 million—will experience an accident on average every 8.8 years, 13% more than the national average.


Overall, Phoenix drivers ranked 95th safest on the Allstate Best Drivers list. The number one city in America is Sioux Falls, S.D.




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