Sales Rebound at C-stores


After c-stores endured several quarters of decline in customer purchases caused by a struggling economy, a new report by the NPD Group’s Convenience Store Monitor shows consumers have returned to buying a larger variety of products from the stores in the second quarter of 2009, Food Product Design reported.


According to the report, purchases of bottle/can soda and frozen/slushy drinks grew by 0.7% compared to second quarter of 2008 and beverage purchase incidence increased overall, except in the bottled water category. In addition, purchases of candy/gum were up 0.4%, packaged sweet goods increased 0.3% and packaged sandwiches grew 0.2%.


Meanwhile, sales declined in the second quarter compared to last year in bottled water (-0.8%), chips/pretzels (-0.6%), juice/juice drinks (-0.6%), milk 
(-0.5%) and beer (-0.2%).


“With gasoline prices below last year’s historic highs, many consumers are beginning to feel the freedom to pick up a single serve beverage or a snack,” said David Portalatin, NPD industry analyst. “In some cases, consumers may look at these items as an inexpensive meal replacement.”



Food Product Design; The NPD Group: Convenience Store Purchase Incidence Across Most Food and Beverage Categories Increase in Second Quarter; Gas Purchases Decline






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