Sheetz Adds IDM system


Sheetz has been testing Gilbarco’s Wisdom Intelligent Device Management (IDM) system at multiple sites since May. Pending sustained favorable results seen in the preliminary tests, Sheetz anticipates rolling the solution to all 360 sites across their enterprise.


“IDM ties our reporting systems and controls together, while giving us peace of mind that every dispenser and in-store device is working the way it should,” said Mark Wilson, director of store support at Sheetz. “We can make sure our customers experience the perfect environment in our stores; they get sandwiches made with fresh ingredients, and their fill-up will be fast and efficient.”


Wisdom IDM enables Sheetz to remotely monitor and control in real-time the various devices and systems at their stores, including fuel dispensers, automatic tank gauges, heating and air conditioning systems, coolers, lights, food and beverage equipment,  people counters, car washes, CO2.


The system helps Sheetz maximize equipment uptime through proactive maintenance, reduce food waste, cut energy consumption, optimize the store environment, track and analyze the effect of promotions and benchmark equipment and store performance.


Wisdom IDM provides a suite of browser-based dashboards, reporting, alarming and decision support applications for easy management access and review. The system enables management by exception. For example, a retailer who established in advance that a given cooler should operate within a specified overall temperature range will get an alarm notice if the cooler temperature goes out of that range. Similarly, they are notified when a fuel dispenser needs a filter changes or a new roll of receipt paper. 


“Wisdom IDM provides a tangible return on investment by consolidating data from different parts of the operation for better, quicker decision-making and a competitive edge,” said Fawaz Khalil, Gilbarco’s director of service marketing. “By providing capabilities like remotely updating prices on the POS system and tracking sales with site traffic data, IDM allows c-store owners to manage their businesses from virtually anywhere.”




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