Arkansas Retailers Apply to Sell Lotto


Arkansas c-stores are preparing for Sept. 28 when they can sell lotto tickets to customers for the first time, reported.


More than 800 retailers—from c-stores to coffee shops—have applied for the ability to sell tickets, hoping it will help drive business in a slow economy.


About 95% of customers who come in to purchase lottery tickets also end up buying additional merchandise at the store, according to The National Association of Convenience Stores. The same study shows lottery customers will spend $7.07 per visit, compared to non-lotto shoppers who spend $3.47 per visit.


To date, Arkansas Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue has sent out 11-hundred applications for selling lotto tickets, and 800 have been returned. Passailaigue said he thinks the lottery will get closer to its goal of 1,500 to 1,800 retailers before Sept. 28.


As part of the application process, retailers must show they’re not behind on state taxes, and owners must go through a background check, including fingerprint identification. Thus far, most applications are coming from convenience stores, with a few coffee, tobacco and grocery stores also asking to hold lotto sales.


Once accepted, retailers must pay a license fee and put up a bond amount. Retailers receive 5% of all the revenue from tickets sold and 1% for the amount they cash.







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