Love’s Uses Bit9 Parity to Protect PCs


Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores has chosen Bit9 Parity, a leader in Enterprise Application Whitelisting to help achieve compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and to proactively protect its retail store systems from targeted, zero-day attacks.


Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores operate more than 200 travel stop locations throughout 35 states across the U.S. Bit9 Parity application whitelisting is being used to protect more than 1,600 of Love’s Windows PCs and servers in its retail stores, as well as corporate computers that tie into its retail systems. With Bit9 Parity, Love’s can demonstrate PCI DSS compliance, harden its point of sale and retail systems, enable the use of trusted devices and prevent data leakage from portable storage devices.


“Love’s is committed to making sure our customers’ confidential data secure. Application whitelisting helps us protect against all unauthorized and rogue applications that simply can’t be prevented with traditional antivirus technology,” said Dion Crider, Director of Store Technology, Love’s. “With Bit9, we are able to take a more proactive approach to securing our retail systems, ensuring the highest level of protection for our customers and enabling us to prove PCI compliance.”


Hackers are known to focus attacks on retailers at the point of sale (POS) systems. Traditional reactive approaches to protecting and controlling POS systems, such as antivirus software, have failed to stop attacks, leaving customers at risk, Bit9 noted.


Bit9’s whitelisting approach allows only authorized software to run, without the burden of updating signature files. Bit9 Parity protects data at these endpoints where it is most vulnerable by enforcing a “whitelist” of approved applications and preventing application drift. Any and all unauthorized software is prevented from running, which ensures the integrity of the systems and their critical data. Bit9 Parity also provides application audit and change control visibility, allowing IT to monitor and report on when unauthorized and rogue applications attempt to execute on retail endpoints. Bit9 Parity also identifies when an unauthorized portable storage devices attempt to run on retail endpoints, POS systems, servers or self-serve kiosks.


“Bit9 Parity makes it easier for Love’s field staff and central IT department to achieve compliance requirements,” said Tom Murphy, chief strategy officer at Bit9. “Using Bit9 Parity, Love’s is able to prevent potential targeted or unknown attacks and, at the same time, protect their brand through a higher level of data security.”


For more information on PCI Compliance, visit CSD’s Whitepapers.






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