Loophole Offers Hope for Arkansas Beer Sales


An ordinance in Springdale, Ark., prohibits businesses, such as gas stations and grocery stores from selling alcoholic beverages. But the local Murphy Express on Sunset Avenue found a way around the system, KFSM-TV, the Fort Smith-Fayetteville Arkansas News, reported.


Murphy Express took its beer-selling request before the State Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC) in Little Rock, Ark., who gave the green light for alcohol sales. Springdale officials agreed that because Murphy Express got an “OK” from the ABC board to sell beer, the state’s nod of approval wins, because it carries more power than Springdale’s city ordinance.


The decision reveals a loophole other applicants hoping to incorporate beer sales could use to their advantage.  


Some residents fear the alcohol sales will cause more DUI’s and teenage drinking, while others believe it will prevent DUI’s and assist the economy.


Despite the loophole, not all c-stores are being awarded the ability to sell alcohol. On Thursday, the ABC board denied a beer permit request from Flash Market in Springdale, Ark., but granted one for Macadoodles, in the same city.




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