Franchise Program for Veterans


7-Eleven Inc. has launched a new program to make it easier for those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces to have the opportunity to own their own business.


This July, the convenience retailer is launching a new military veterans franchise program that offers discounted franchise fees to retired or separated veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who have been honorably discharged from the service. Qualified veterans who become first-time 7-Eleven franchisees will receive a 10% discount on the initial franchise fee for the first 7-Eleven store they franchise. This discount can range from $1,000 up to about $35,000, depending on the store.


“This is the first time we have offered a reduction like this in our franchise fees, and I can’t think of a better group to receive this benefit than the men and women who have so selflessly served to protect the freedoms we enjoy in America,” said 7-Eleven President and CEO Joe DePinto. A graduate of the Military Academy at West Point, DePinto served five years as an officer in the U.S. Army.


Retail locations available for franchising are located in 30 states across the U.S. An interactive map at indicates stores available for franchising.


“The experiences and expertise gained in the military are ideal for succeeding as an independent businessperson,” said Jeff Schenck, senior vice president of national franchising and real estate. “A career in the military fosters leadership, a strong work ethic, teamwork and team-building, and teaches system management skills and how to effectively execute plans.”


“The 7-Eleven franchise business is perfect for people coming out of the military,” said Todd Ferguson, a 20-year veteran of 7-Eleven franchising who previously served with the 82nd Airborne of the U.S. Army. “It’s a 24-hour business and something is always happening. There’s a real sense of mission in the store. Maintaining customer focus is not much different than the mission focus required in the military.”


7-Eleven has military veterans serving in every level of the company from top management to field staff to store associates. With a growing number of veterans facing a difficult job market, veteran entrepreneurship offers an opportunity to start a successful business in which retired service personnel can use their skills to control their financial future. 








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