Coupons Go Electronic


Safeway Inc. owned stores nationwide are offering consumers cost savings through an electronic coupon service.


By logging onto AOL’s, a free, paperless electronic coupon service that links coupons directly to participating grocery store savings cards, shoppers can save at Safeway Inc.’s 1,554 stores, which are located in 22 states and the District of Columbia under local brands such as Safeway, Carrs, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb and Vons.


“We’re excited to make electronic coupons available to millions of Safeway, Inc. shoppers, helping them save money on groceries,” said Kimberley Partoll, executive vice president of new ventures, AOL. “In this economy, consumers are eager to save money and are turning to the Web to help them make the most of their time and money. Partnering with Safeway provides top-tier brands looking to increase coupon use with access to millions of consumers across the country.”


“Shoppers are spending more and more time online and we see electronic coupons loaded to their shopper card as a way to better serve our customers,” said Michelle Marian, vice president of interactive marketing, Safeway Inc. “As Safeway launches the new couponLink program, we’re excited to partner with to offer our customers a unique way to save at our stores and online. Also our customers who shop online at can use the digital coupons, which is a new and exciting option for them.”


With just three simple steps, is a free and easy solution for saving money on groceries. To use, consumers just visit the Web site, enter their store savings card and select the coupons they want. Selected coupons are then loaded to their grocery store savings card and the coupons are automatically redeemed at checkout when the registered card is swiped. Shoppers benefit because they are not burdened with the hassles of paper coupons and all the sorting and clipping they require.


With the addition of Safeway Inc. to its roster, is now available to shoppers of more than 4,000 grocery stores nationwide.


Access to the coupons is also available through Mobile, which enables shoppers the convenience of loading coupons onto their store savings cards while on the go. Customers can use their cell phone and click on the coupons they want and minutes later, the coupons are ready for use on the shoppers’ grocery store savings cards.


Source: BusinessWire


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