World Juice 2009 to Discuss Trends, Opportunities


One of the most noticeable effects of the recession has been a drop in consumption of pure fruit juices as consumers on a budget switch to soft drinks and fruit beverages with less than 100% fruit juice.


As a result, the prices for apple and orange juice concentrates have fallen to levels not seen for several years.
 But despite this decline, retail prices of apple and orange juice are not reflecting the drop in raw material prices. One reason is because some buyers have had to follow contract rules, which were made as far back as two years ago when raw materials cost more. Another reason is that supermarket chains have seen an opportunity to increase margins by maintaining selling prices.


The market for not from concentrate (NFC) juices stayed strong until the start of this year, but now sales are declining here as well, probably also due to the economy.
 But despite slow sales, it is believed that when the global economy starts to grow, the world will increase its demand for 100% fruit juices.


When demand does start to climb again, this could cause prices of juice to rise, because whereas the current low prices are the result of low demand rather than over-production, the orange juice industries in Brazil and the U.S. have warned that their orange production is unlikely to increase because of disease and weather conditions.


Meanwhile, trends have consumers trying more exotic products, and demanding passion fruit and pineapple juices. Prices of these juices, especially for passion fruit, remain high. As the health and wellness trend continues to grow, manufacturers are fortifying their products with vitamins and ingredients, such as Omega-3. In addition, a new generation of superfruits, including goji, açaí, guava and mangosteen, is appearing in more blends. 


These are just some of the trends and issues that will be covered during World Juice 2009, Oct. 5-8 2009 in Nice, France. The 14th annual conference will enables attendees to identify opportunities in the juice market and do business with leaders from across the fruit juice supply chain, around the world.


Speakers will include Guy Wollaert, general manager of the Global Juice Center at The Coca-Cola Co.; , Liang Gao, president of Shaanxi Haisheng Fresh Fruit Juice Co;  Hans Lanzinger, managing director of Hermann Pfanner Getränke;  and Kate Dillon, food technologist at Marks and Spencer.




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