McLane Turns To Retalix For Freight Management

Distribution and retail software solutions provider Retalix said McLane Company is planning to use the Retalix Traffic Management solution for 19 grocery distribution centers in the U.S.

Retalix Traffic Management is a comprehensive inbound freight management solution that interfaces with Retalix and other procurement and warehouse management applications.

Orders are imported into the system and automatically analyzed for cost-saving and revenue-producing opportunities. McLane is deploying the Traffic Management solution with an integrated Retalix Web Tendering module that enables users to access the company’s community of carriers via the Internet to obtain best rates and services for transporting goods into their facilities, Retalix said.

Retalix Traffic Management includes carrier and vendor collaboration tools that the company said saves time and helps users find new income-generating backhauls while improving critical performance metrics.

The application also provides real-time insight into data such as PO status, load status, supplier locations and allowances, dock appointments at receiving warehouses and other critical information.

“Retalix Traffic Management allows distributors of all sizes to streamline their operations with an easy-to-use application that can be scaled from a single user to enterprise-wide deployment,” said Reuben Halevi, COO at Retalix USA. “We expect Retalix Traffic Management to generate a significant ROI for McLane by identifying new income opportunities and providing real-time measurement and control.”

Founded as a small retail grocery store in 1894, Temple, Texas-based McLane is recognized today as a global powerhouse in distribution and logistics. The company delivers more than 10 billion pounds of consumer products each year to more than 60,000 locations across the retail spectrum.


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