Chevron Launches Campaign To Promote Energy Efficiency

Chevron Corporation has launched a U.S.-based public campaign called “I Will,” aimed to raise awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and conservation.

“Energy efficiency is the cheapest and most reliable source of new energy that we have,” Chevron Vice Chairman Peter Robertson said. “With demand for energy continuing to rise across the United States and around the world, it’s imperative that we use the resources we already have more efficiently.

“We hope our new campaign will help raise awareness of the power of energy efficiency and encourage individuals to take actions to use energy more wisely,” Robertson said.

The campaign debuts this weekend on television and will begin appearing in major print publications and online media.

The advertisements complement Chevron’s updated Web site, which provides information about ways to conserve energy and use it more efficiently. The site launches on Sept. 14 and introduces a number of new tools for consumers, including the Energy Generator, an interactive feature that demonstrates how simple individual actions can yield measurable energy savings.

Individuals can choose from a variety of easy ways to save energy and learn more about how saved energy can be applied elsewhere, such as powering a school or hospital.

The Energy Generator, for instance, demonstrates how lowering the thermostat in an average U.S. residence by one degree in the winter will save enough energy to light approximately 5,000 hours of reading.

If 1,000 people join in and lower their thermostat by one degree, they will save enough energy to power a hospital for 10 days, the company said.

The “I Will” campaign is a continuation of the dialogue on energy issues that began last fall with the company’s “The Power of Human Energy” advertising campaign, which sought to raise awareness and encourage discussion about the major issues surrounding energy.

Chevron said it began focusing on energy efficiency as part of its long-term strategy in 1992, when it began tracking energy use across its worldwide operations. Since then, the company has improved its internal energy efficiency by 27%.

“Chevron is committed to expanding its energy efficiency and conservation efforts both inside the organization and outside,” Robertson said. “Through our energy efficiency business, Chevron Energy Solutions, we’re helping institutions and businesses become more efficient.”


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