Pilot Reinvigorates PaySpot Agreement

Pilot Travel Centers has turned to PaySpot Inc. for an exclusive multi-year, multi-product sales and service agreement designed to expand its in-store prepaid services, according to PaySpot.

PaySpot went live in 304 Pilot locations in mid-July, integrating its electronic prepaid product delivery system with Pilot’s existing point-of-sale (POS) system, enabling Pilot to expand its prepaid products to include PaySpot’s products and services.

TSC Group has been a partner with Pilot for more than 15 years, providing the chain with category management expertise, nationwide in-store service and merchandising for several of their key retail product categories.

PaySpot and Pilot were introduced when TSC recommended PaySpot as a company that could expand Pilot’s prepaid selection, introduce new category expansion, offer better service through an account management team and supply merchandising support. PaySpot worked with TSC to plan and execute the Pilot implementation. The initial launch included prepaid wireless, long distance service, stored value products and mall gift cards.

"Pilot has been committed to the prepaid category for many years, and we have built a successful program," said Ed Leddy, director of marketing for Pilot. "Looking forward, there are exciting prepaid services, such as bill payment, yet to be unleashed. We’re ready to take prepaid to the next level, and we believe PaySpot’s innovation and TSC’s retail expertise will help us to do just that."

PaySpot will introduce its extensive bill payment service into Pilot stores. Through the bill payment program, Pilot can quickly and easily accept cash payment for hundreds of utility, telecom, cable, satellite, and other service providers.

"Through superior merchandising techniques and a small expansion of the product portfolio, the first month has already delivered a significant increase in prepaid sales volume for Pilot … and we’re just getting started," said Eric Mettemeyer, president of PaySpot. "With the introduction this fall of our bill payment and international prepaid wireless offerings, Pilot will truly take its prepaid program to the next level."

PaySpot and Pilot worked together to develop innovative merchandising displays, allowing prepaid products to be displayed in up to four different high-traffic areas within each store. By working with TSC, the merchandising was deployed chain-wide in only two days with minimal disruption to Pilot sales staff.


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