Giles Foodservice Introduces New Food Cabinent

Giles Foodservice Equipment has announced the introduction of a new line of foodservice equipment in its existing portfolio, with the Giles Holding Cabinet (GHC), which is designed to keep cooked foods hot, moist and flavorful until peak demand.

The GHC units, which can be purchased as standalone or in “Double-Stacked” configurations, are user-friendly with an easy-to-open door latch, casters for mobility, easy-to-operate moisture controls and a basic temperature controller.

Interior components can be disassembled in seconds for easy cleaning. Each GHC can accommodate up to five full-size sheet pans (18-by-26-inches) or five Gastronome Pans (18-by-24-inches).

Features on the GHC include:

  • Easy-to-operate controls;
  • Indicator lights that verify the unit is operating and that the heating elements are energized;
  • Easy-to-use slide lever for humidity control;
  • A stainless steel door construction, insulated with 1-inch-thick ceramic insulation;
  • A single door offering full access to products;
  • A wide variety of configurations with single- and two-door units, either single- or double-stacked.

    Giles Foodservice also carries a full line of fryers for customers to choose from, with and without the ventless hood option. The company also produces deli equipment, rotisseries and food warmers to cover most operators’ foodservice needs.

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