Mountain Dew Gets Artsy

Mountain Dew is looking for new ways to extend its reach among thirsty young men, and this week will begin rolling out its latest experiment: Six limited-edition bottles designed by emerging artists, reported.

The interactive marketing effort by New York-based Seed Gives Life builds on the Green Label Art effort the brand introduced last year. After receiving thousands of submissions, 12 designs were selected, with the first six introduced in January, and the remainder this week.

In addition to the Green Label Art Web site, the brand is also producing viral videos promoting individual bottle artists, and hosting events that bring together art and musical performances.

The campaign was a natural outgrowth for PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew, Michael Ventura, Seed’s creative director, told "The brand has already done well in the action spot space, and is seen as an extreme sport and action brand. So when we started trying to decide, ‘Where can we go next?,’ the underground art scene seemed right."

“The idea is that Mountain Dew is willing to play where people live,” Ventura said. “And that this is a two-way campaign, not just a brand talking at people, but people talking back."


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