What’s in a Name?

Nestlé Foodservices North America is now the newly-created Nestlé Professional. More than just a change in name, the foodservice-dedicated organization has been restructured to allow for a closer partnership with its customers in delivering creative profitable solutions.

As a globally-managed business in the Nestlé group, Nestlé Professional will utilize its global reach and depth of experience to understand the latest consumer and business trends. With the new, state-of-of-the-art Culinary Center opening later this year in Solon, Ohio, and the Global Beverage Centre in Orbe, Switzerland, Nestlé Professional teams collaborate with each other and with operators to translate those insights into innovative food and beverage ideas to help operators grow their business.

This year it is expected that an increased portion of every dollar consumers spend for food and drink will be spent out of home, and that trend is expected to continue to grow annually. Nestlé Professional recognizes the need to support foodservice operators and profitably enhance their operation’s success through quality branded culinary and beverage products, recipes, applications, resources, and ideas with an ongoing commitment to nutrition, health and wellness.

“Our evolution to Nestlé Professional reflects our commitment to meet the unique needs of our foodservice customers. In addition to offering the trusted brands on which they rely, our goal is to fully understand their business and provide personalized services and solutions,” said Kathy Lenkov, communications manager for Nestlé Professional.

Nestlé Professional customer teams will work closely with operators to understand their operational needs, staff requirements, and customer motivations and preferences. They’ll offer insightful and creative advice about how to improve menus, attract more customer traffic, and make their foodservice operations more competitive.

Nestlé Professional also provides operators with resources and tools such as a new Web site that contains the latest menu trends, menu and recipe ideas and promotions. To learn more, visit nestleprofessional.com.


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