Sheetz Aims to Improve Field Service Activities

Sheetz Inc., the Altoona, Pa.-based operator of 344 stores in six states, has partnered with ViryaNet Ltd.’s Service Hub for Retail to automate its field service operations, including the activities associated with workforce management, facilities maintenance and store equipment repair.

Sheetz prides itself on the adoption of the most current technology and continually is seeking ways to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace, said Mark Wilson, director of store operations for Sheetz. Over the past year, Sheetz undertook extensive due diligence as it investigated the industry for the most comprehensive field service management system for its retail operations. The company closely reviewed the offerings of several competitive products, and ultimately chose ViryaNet for its product robustness and strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

"Sheetz is committed to deploying technology that supports its critical business processes," Wilson said. "We intend to use Service Hub for Retail as the foundation for improving the availability of our products and services to our customers. We expect to increase our field productivity, reduce our maintenance costs and enhance our customer experience."

ViryaNet’s Service Hub for Retail, which is also used by chains such as Kroger and The Pantry, is a complete field service management system for retail organizations. It manages customer interactions, schedules appropriate field resources, dispatches work orders via wireless technologies, returns updated data from the field to the external systems, and gives technicians insight into inventory information. As a workflow-based product, the real value of software is its ability to manage business process exceptions, in addition to the routine processes that are experienced by most retail companies. Service Hub for Retail also provides powerful visibility tools that continuously monitor operational activities, enabling management to make intelligent, real-time decisions, Wilson said.


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