Is It Time For Private 9-1-1 Centers for Retailers?

We already have the technology to provide a safer environment for customers and employees, so when will we use it? By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. I intercepted an article yesterday telling about a couple that was attacked by a gang of thugs at a convenience store. It resulted in a

How To Understand Your Distributor’s Perspective

Discovering that it is not the distributor’s fault. By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. In 2004, I was forcefully ejected from a place of business. I believe that this was the first, and only, time I have experienced such a thing. I had been asked by my convenience store customer to visit a

A Job Verses A Career

A job will provide you a living. A career will provide you a life. By Tony Huppert, CEO of Team Oil Inc. I have met people over the years that have told me how lucky I have been over my 63 years. They emphasize the fact that, whatever I have been involved in, I always kept

A Convenience Store is a Grocery Store on Steroids

Change takes effect much faster in a convenience store than in a grocery store. By Bill Scott,  founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. Convenience stores make the perfect test labs for statistical analysis, because they offer an environment where the slightest change may have immediate, far-reaching and noticeable effects. In these compact environments,

Why the NAG Conference is Right for You

The convenience store industry continues to grow sales at record numbers, but the stakes have never been higher as convenience store owners face competition from multiple retail channels. As competition increases across the board, savvy retailers are learning to take cost out of their operations to run lean, efficient top quartile businesses. The National Advisory

What If?

Get ahead of the curve. By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics If you had no choice, what would you do? If your competition rented the space across the street, what would you do? When the minimum wage increases to $10 an hour, what will you do? If your best employee quits, what will you do? Now,

How Assumptions Can Kill Success

Proving the unprovable for fun and profit. By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. I am neither an astronomer nor an astrophysicist. I don’t care if Pluto is a planet, a fly spec on the lens of a telescope or a famous cartoon character. It makes no difference if creation began

Exploring Employee Research Groups

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. Employee Research Groups (ERG)s, once focused on personality traits or characteristics, such as age, gender, religious affiliations, etc. largely due to the Internet, are expanding into interest-based groups gathered around particular activities, such as environmental advocacy and workplace wellness.   The five most popular

A Lesson In Marketing

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. In 1957, I took a night job as a disc jockey for a local radio station. At the time, it was the first and only FM station in the town of Shreveport, La. where I grew up. My shift began at 6pm, and ended

Maximize Your Message

“If a five-year-old doesn’t understand it, make a new sign.” By Tony Huppert, CEO of Team Oil Inc. Recently, my sister went to see her eye doctor. She received the total exam, with the eye dilation, and other tests. While she was waiting to see the doctor, she decided to visit the restroom. On entering the unisex restroom

Marketing Disruptive Technologies

Confessions of a common nerd. By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. Congratulations! You’ve come up with a fantastic, new idea that will change the way the world works. You’ve built a prototype, identified your target market, studied your competition and received encouragement from your clients, family and your friends. Some

Recognition Works

By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics Everyone enjoys an “attaboy,” but to get the most mileage from the compliments you bestow, be specific. When people know exactly what they did and why it benefited the company, you’re more likely to see the behavior repeated. Try phrasing praise like this: “Joan, when you took it upon yourself

Now Is the Time to Pay Attention to Your Inventory

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. For years, we have been advising retailers to cut back on unnecessary stock. Why? In the past it has merely been in the interest of increasing profits. But, that’s all about to change. Disruptive technology is a technology that forces a market to change its

Recruiting Tip

Employers can increase job survival rate by using inside sources. By Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics An Ohio State University study found that companies could increase their job survival rate by 25%  or more if they focus on finding new workers through inside sources, such as re-recruiting former employees, referrals by current employees and internal job

Conferences Provide Valued Experience

“Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.” Ritu Ghatourey By Ed Collupy, executive consultant, W. Capra Consulting Group Stimulation….I recently heard at the NCR Synergy Users Conference Mario Andretti talk about his racing career and that his motivation to drive was always about stimulation

Can You Profit With An Alternative Form of Diesel?

Specs don’t lie: A B20 blend of biodiesel is nearly identical to No. 2 ULSD By Jon Scharingson, executive director, sales and marketing, Renewable Energy Group Inc. More people are currently driving diesel-powered passenger vehicles than ever before. This can be a nightmare at the pump and for the environment. What if I told you

Retention Takes Time

Making employees aware that you value their service requires commitment. By Jim Callahan The need for appreciation knows no bounds—extends from mothers to children, wives and husbands, employees to bosses and in every other direction imaginable. It need not be costly and really doesn’t require much thought or effort, for it starts with something as

Benefiting From Our Shared Values

By John Lofstock, editor-in-chief, Convenience Store Decisions The convenience store and petroleum industry has always held a special place in my heart. From growing up working at my father’s gas stations in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. well into my teens, to working at Dairy Mart Convenience Stores in my 20s, to my career here at Convenience

The C-Store Game

A little friendly competition can do wonders to motivate employees. By Fran Duskiewicz Competitiveness is a human trait that can be viewed as simultaneously admirable and/or obnoxious. However, it is always a motivational force, whether handled well or poorly. I’ve always been a competitive ‘son-u-va-gun.’ My poor mom would play games with me when I

Constructive Criticism: The World’s Biggest Oxymoron

By Bill Scott, founder of StoreReport LLC & Scott Systems Inc. Nobody’s perfect. Not you, definitely not me, not your spouse, your parents, your kids, your boss… I repeat, nobody is perfect. Criticism in any form, shape or fashion is a weapon designed to cause pain. Too many parents are guilty of raising their children on

Spend Time Where it Counts

By Mel Kleiman, President, Humetrics You’ve heard us say before that it’s too often the case that the squeaky wheels get all the oil. When it comes to employee retention, this means that you have less interaction with your best people because you’re so busy trying to “fix” your poor performers and/or what they’ve done

Low Gasoline Prices Spur Travel

Gasoline consumption rates are climbing, but what does that mean for retail prices? By Brian Milne, Editor, Schneider Electric Now that we’re in the peak driving season in the United States, early year prognostications for sharp growth in gasoline demand are under review, and preliminary data does show greater gasoline consumption as lower fuel prices

A Little Recognition Goes a Long Way

By Mel Kleiman, founder Humetrics At one of my presentations a while back, the president of a trucking firm shared this great story that illustrates my point… Seems his company had just held a retirement dinner for a driver who had been with the firm for over 20 years. When the president and the retiring driver

Paying to Learn What We Were Paid to Learn

There is no substitute for on the job training. By Tony Huppert, CEO of Team Oil Inc. Years ago when I was in my prime, many years ago, it was customary to find a job and be taught a skill. Friends of mine would become masons by starting out as labors. They would dig footings,

How Much Pain Does It Take to Cause Them to Leave?

By Mel Kleiman, founder Humetrics It’s human nature to avoid change because the path of least resistance is the “same old, same old.” So, how much “pain and suffering” do you suppose  valued employees have to experience before they go searching for a new job? Well, a lot of it has to do with the labor