Knowing How to Apply Training Triage

Some individuals entering the convenience industry lack certain educational skills.  As a result, worker training must be shaped to address such deficiencies. By Fran Duskiewicz There’s a real, practical reason I was hired by John MacDougall, founder of Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes, which launched my long career with the company: I was an English

Fostering a Pro-Business Climate

By Mark Radosevich A new day has dawned in the downstream oil business after this past November’s surprising election results. Just four short months ago at the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) fall meeting in Atlanta, the list of probable legislative issues that our industry would be tackling seemed almost insurmountable, given the prospect

Discipline Is a Necessary Tool

When dealing with employees, store managers and operators must be upfront with employees about the types of discipline that may be meted out in response to performance deficiencies and misconduct. By Jim Callahan Let me advise you that no matter how good or how important an employee is to your operation, the fastest way to

Foodservice…A Brand in Hand?

Most convenience stores that have embraced the foodservice category and have invested heavily in the operational side of the business, have also attempted branding. By Steve Sandman During the last 15 years or so we’ve heard the drum beat that the key to a successful c-store operation is foodservice. There’s proof in the numbers. For

Store Data Deserves Protection Too

As c-store retailers implement enhanced inventory-management solutions, they should also consider doing more to secure inventory data. By Ed Collupy So much of the attention on data security in the last few years has been focused on payments and many companies throughout the convenience fuel retailing industry have implemented measures to protect their customer’s data.

Managing Grab and Go

Making food that is not to order and that becomes a retail item without a guaranteed sale is a foreign concept to many foodservice professionals. By Fran Duskiewicz Here’s a scenario that happens often. Your favorite source of grab-and-go food—whether it’s a supermarket or a convenience store with dedicated foodservice—continually seems to be out of

Trends Watch: Diesel to Continue Climb in 2017

By Jon Scharingson, Renewable Energy Group Inc. You don’t need me to tell you that 2017 comes with uncertainty for people in the fuel business as we wait to see how federal policies shake out. But talk to Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the nonprofit Diesel Technology Forum, and you come away confident that diesel

The Report

By Bill Scott There is an old parlor game where seven or eight people sit in a circle, and it begins when one person whispers a ‘secret’ into the ear of the person to their right, and that person whispers it to the person to their right, and so on and so forth. When the

In Order To Win, Sometimes You Just Have To Start Something

Buc-ee’s thinks outside the box. By Bill Scott I sort of remember Buc-ee’s from the early 80s when I visited with my family in Lake Jackson, Texas. Lake Jackson is a lazy little town that has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past 40 years or so. The story of Buc-ee’s is more

NRF Retail’s BIG Show 2017 Highlights

A.I., loyalty, big data, predictive analytics and in-store tech showcased at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail’s BIG Show. By David Hochman The National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail’s BIG Show drew retailers to New York City from Jan. 15-17. At last year’s show, the rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in retail was cited as one

How Many Recruiters Are Working for You?

By Mel Kleiman, Humetrics What are people saying about your company as a place to work? Word of mouth works both ways. Do you know what people (employees, former employees, vendors and everyone else who knows you) are saying about your company as a place to work? If not, the best way to find out

3rd – 4th Quarter Comparisons Are In

By Bill Scott THIS IS CRAZY. The big surprise this quarter are ‘arrowheads’. Arrowheads are just that. Manufactured pieces of stone that look exactly like arrowheads. Shoppers are buying them by the handfuls at two/$1, and the stores can’t keep them in stock. The stores in this sample sold 1,711 in the first few months

How To Deliver Constructive Criticism

Learning how to give feedback in a positive way can improve results. by Mel Kleiman, Humetrics Delivering constructive criticism to employees in a way they can hear it and use it to succeed can be difficult but not impossible. The key is to reframe your feedback as follows: Focus first on specific positives. (“The way

November-December 2016 Comparisons

By Bill Scott The November-December 2016 sales comparisons are in and the products tied for the largest gain in sales for December 2016 were FANTA PINEAPPLE (20-ounce) and COBRA (32-ounce), both entering the Top 100 with a gain of 27 positions each. Following close behind, COKE CLASSIC (two liter), and LITTLE DEBBIE MINI CHOCOLATE DONUTS

Help Employees Meet Their Goals

In 2017 help your convenience store employees keep their resolutions. by Mel Kleiman, Humetrics It’s a New Year and people everywhere are setting resolutions on the aspects of life they wish to improve on in 2017. But before you set goals for yourself, think about how you can use your resolutions to help your employees

How To Start the New Year Off Right

Asking yourself some simple questions can reveal what you need to work on in the New Year. by Mel Kleiman, Humetrics Start 2017 off right by evaluating how you prioritize intentions. The following is a short, self-administered, self-scoring test that can help any business owner or manager prioritize their intentions for 2017: Do YOU say

Gasoline Futures Surge At Close of 2016

By Brian Milne The gasoline futures contract traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange surged 12% in December, with reformulated blendstock for oxygenate blending futures establishing a new calendar year high for 2016 at $1.7038 gallon between the Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays. Gasoline futures outpaced the advance by West Texas Intermediate and ULSD

Measures to Safeguard the Workplace

Easy access to cash, the presence of alcohol and tobacco products, and solitary late-night or early-morning shifts are among the factors that make convenience stores workplaces that require added protective considerations. By David Quezada The convenience store industry nearly doubled in size over the last three decades, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores

A Strong Tradition of Keeping SCORE

If you don’t already know, there’s a unique nonprofit group that specializes in helping businesses be more successful. By Fran Duskiewicz One of the more attractive aspects of our industry is the very real commitment to community involvement as continually shown by its companies, both large and small, and its various trade organizations and trade

A New Year Brings New Hope

Thinking about what you want to achieve and then developing the right plan is half of what you need to succeed. By Jim Callahan As we start a brand new year, plans for improvements and new successes are being rolled out in many boardrooms across the c-store industry. Of course, every good idea starts with

Ask Your Employees These Game-Changing Questions

Employees can help you think outside the box. by Mel Kleiman, Humetrics Nearly every game-changing, industry breakthrough was born from the fundamental destruction of well-established beliefs. (Think Uber, Amazon, and Apple.) So, this is a great set of questions to ask yourself as well as your employees… • What set of beliefs are we holding

Attracting and Retaining Top-Notch Talent

Hiring smart and communicating expectations effectively are two best practices that can reduce turnover. By John Matthews and Carrie Luxem Top quartile convenience store chains have recruiting and retention habits that give them a leg up on the competition. However, attracting and retaining top-notch talent does not happen overnight. It is critical for the manager

Something Else I Learned from a Kindergarten Teacher…

It’s not enough to merely praise employees. How you give employees praise can impact how they respond to your feedback. By Mel Kleiman, Humetrics The following is based on a recent article on… Praising employees with an unspecific “job well done” or “way to go” does little to ensure the desired behavior will be

Is That Really Your Business?

Properly defining your business can keep other industries from stealing your customers. by Mel Kleiman, Humetrics Here is an important question to ask yourself as well as your entire staff: “What business are we really in?” For example: Are you in the trucking business or the transportation business? Are you in the home health care

You Are Losing Money

By Bill Scott Having immediate, real-time access to your data is no small thing. How does this… Become this… Become this…. Become this… ?? Those who may tell you that collecting data from point-of-sale (POS) systems intermittently and trying to use it later, have never had the capability of seeing the benefit of knowing where