SFATA Members And Policy Makers Talk E-Cigarettes

e-cig“Our very first Washington, DC ‘fly-in’ was a strong success for all who attended,” says executive director of SFATA.

Representatives of 24 electronic cigarette manufacturers, distributors, and retailers traveled to the nation’s capital Nov. 4-5 to take part in The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA)  “Day on the Hill” to advocate for the booming e-cig industry.

Throughout the two-day event, e-cig industry representatives participated in a series of nearly 50 meetings with Congressional offices regarding the e-cig industry’s legislative needs and the role that it plays in the U.S. economy.

To help provide a framework for meaningful industry standards, SFATA is drafting proposed federal legislation.

“Our very first Washington, DC ‘fly-in’ was a strong success for all who attended,” said Cynthia Cabrera, executive director, SFATA. “This was a great opportunity for lawmakers to hear directly from the electronic cigarette industry and to learn more about the negative impact inappropriate regulation could have on this nascent industry.”

“SFATA understands the need for reasonable and product specific regulation and are engaging the FDA and legislators on that issue. We want this industry—the overwhelming majority of which is made up of small businesses—to be regulated in a manner that does not limit adult access to electronic alternatives to traditional tobacco products or stifle growth and innovation,” added Cabrera.

On Tuesday morning, SFATA representatives and member companies participated in meetings with their Congressional offices. Specific areas of focus included concerns over the devastating effect that regulating personal vaporizing products, like e-cigs, as tobacco products would have on the industry.

SFATA requested that lawmakers reject the proposed deeming regulation, or in the alternative, issue an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making (“ANPRM”) to permit the industry time to comment on the distinct differences between tobacco products and smoke-free alternatives.

SFATA is planning another day on Capitol Hill and will release details on the SFATA website in the coming weeks. SFATA’s 2nd Annual e-cig industry update will take place on Jan. 27, 2014 in Las Vegas.