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White Castle has been steam grilling 100% beef hamburgers on a griddle of onions for 92 years.

The unique steam grilling process is still used today in our restaurants and frozen sandwich production facilities in Louisville and Covington, Ky.

White Castle sandwiches are convenient to serve; they are fully cooked and packaged in twin packs that can be microwaved in a minute or less.

White Castle Food Products offers Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Jalapeño Cheeseburgers, Chicken Breast Fillet sandwiches and Sausage Egg and Cheese sandwiches on a White Castle original bun. White Castle buns are placed on the burgers during the grilling process allowing them to absorb the steam from the grilled onions. When they are flash-frozen, that steam is locked into the bun. Once the sandwiches are reheated, that grilled onion flavor is released, providing a moist bun instead of a typical hard bun from microwaving.

The hamburgers and cheeseburgers are available in 6 packs and 8/2 packs. All five tasty sandwiches are also available in 16/2 count bulk pack. The six packs are sold frozen for the freezer door. The 8/2 packs contain individual twin packs that can be sold frozen or refrigerated in display cases, for quick grab and go carryout sales.

White Castle frozen sandwiches are now available across the country in Grocery stores, Club stores, Convenience stores, Sports arenas, Movie Theatres, Drug Stores and Vending machines. White Castle is a brand your customers know and trust, resulting in trial and repeat purchases. A top selling frozen item, resulting in profitable returns.

White Castle Food Products, LLC is committed to producing the finest products in a clean, safe, and quality conscious environment. Our company has systems in place to meet or exceed our customer requirements and consumer’s expectations, as well as meet or exceed all regulatory requirements for food safety and quality.

About White Castle
White Castle is a family-owned business based in Columbus, Ohio that owns and operates more than 400 White Castle restaurants in 11 states. The company was founded in Wichita, Kansas in 1921 and is America’s first fast-food hamburger chain. All White Castle Sliders are made from 100% beef or 100% white meat chicken. White Castle Food Products started selling frozen sandwiches in 1986. White Castle Food Products is now the number one selling frozen burger in retail stores across the country.


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