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Walk the halls and visit with the engineers at Ovention®, Inc., and sooner or later, you’ll hear somebody say, “Expect the unexpected.”

It’s something of a theme at Ovention. It’s a way of looking at the world, looking for new solutions where others have not looked, reexamining everything, always. All of which is a way of life for inventor and Ovention Founder Phil McKee. With many years of cooking innovation and many patents in his portfolio, in 2011 McKee launched Ovention.

The very next year, Ovention introduced its groundbreaking Matchbox® electric countertop oven at the 2012 NACS Show. So radically different that it solves many of the industry’s longstanding cooking problems, the innovative Matchbox drew praise at the show. In 2013 it was honored by the National Restaurant Association’s Kitchen Innovations Award program.

McKee said he and the engineering team thought hard about the foodservice and c-store operator when they designed the Matchbox. “What does the operator need? Speed. Ease of use. Flexibility. Efficiency. And excellent cooking quality,” he said. Microwave ovens are fast, but they ruin breads, doughs and other foods. Conveyors are fast, but they’re noisy, they blow heat into the workspace, and they’re just not good for shifting temperatures and belt speeds quickly from one menu item to another.

“And most ovens require a hood, and that’s a big capital expense,” McKee noted.

Variety And Speed, Without Microwaves
The Matchbox solves all those issues. It uses no microwaves, instead employing a Precision Impingement form of convection and independently controlled top and bottom blowers for rapid cooking. It’s very quiet and cool, and with a sealed cooking chamber, it doesn’t waste energy like a conveyor. Plus, the Matchbox is UL-certified for ventless operation.

The Matchbox has a single, sealed cooking chamber, with two side-by-side cooking surfaces that alternate, matchbox style, sliding into and out of the chamber. That configuration combines with FlexTempTM technology to adjust temperature up or DOWN as much as 50°F instantly from menu item to menu item, speeding production. And while one surface is in the cooking chamber, the other can be pre-loaded. The Matchbox can go from toasting breakfast sandwiches to subs, to baking pizzas, to grilling veggies or hotdogs, to baking cookies in quick succession.

See the Matchbox, as well as the new ShuttleTM, at www.OventionOvens.com. And be sure to watch the videos.

About Ovention, Inc
Ovention, Inc., an independently operated division of Hatco Corp., invents, designs and markets groundbreaking, innovative new compact, accelerated-cooking equipment for the foodservice and c-store industries. With an emphasis on eyebrow-raising versatility, speed, and excellent cooking quality, Ovention’s systems create opportunities where opportunities did not exist before.

In 2013, Ovention’s revolutionary countertop Matchbox Oven was honored in the National Restaurant Association’s Kitchen Innovations Award program. Since then, Ovention has also unveiled the Shuttle Oven, and more products are coming.
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