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Emerging as a leader in the saturated electronic cigarette industry has been no easy task. With the influx of e-cig companies popping up everywhere and the recent entry of big tobacco into the mix, standing out from the crowd has been daunting. However, it is a challenge that Nicotek is proud to take on.

With innovative product features and eye-catching displays, Nicotek has been at the forefront of the emerging e-cigarette industry and plans to stay ahead of the competition. The METRO® line of products, available in over 15,000 retail locations, has been the backbone of the family of Nicotek products. The recent addition of FAZE Vapor and East Indies Hookah adds great opportunities to the increasing demand for more sophisticated electronic cigarettes.

Metro Electronic Cigarettes
Metro Electronic Cigarettes are a great introduction to the e-cig world. From soft-tip disposables to multiple strength cartridges, METRO provides the quality and taste that your customers are looking for. A wide variety of POS display options and in-store advertising are available to further drive sales.

FAZE Vapor
Offering the best and most consistent experience with electronic cigarettes, FAZE Vapor provides a perfect hit, more vapor, an all-day rechargeable battery and a large variety of e-liquids to indulge your customer’s taste. Multiple display options and informational marketing materials are available and loaded with everything you need to FAZE into new profits.

East Indies Hookah
A world of flavors is exactly what East Indies Hookah offers. Providing customers an authentic hookah experience with on-the-go convenience. East Indies Hookah brings you a variety of exotic flavors and is available in our innovative barrel counter-top display, which will surely drum up some new business and drive impulse sales.

Nicotek LLC, a leader in the electronic cigarette industry, provides the finest, most economical alternative to the traditional tobacco smoking experience. Working continuously to provide consumers with the highest quality products available at an affordable price. No other e-cigarette company can compare to the quality and innovation that we put into our family of products and services. Electronic Cigarettes Done Right®.
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