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Inline Plastics Corp. introduces unique tamper-resistant Sandwich Wedge packaging.

Inline Plastics Corp. (Shelton, Conn.) continues to see enthusiasm at convenience stores for their new Sandwich Wedge clamshell containers, the newest version of the company’s breakthrough Safe-T-Fresh® line of products.

The Sandwich Wedge containers incorporate a tamper-resistant locking mechanism and an industry exclusive patented tear-strip hinge that the consumer removes to gain access to the contents of the container. This innovative, industry first design, eliminates the need for shrink-bands or wrap-around labels to prevent product tampering, as well as protecting the product better than many types of flexible packaging.

Along with tamper-resistance, the sandwich wedge container’s upscale design promotes more attractive product merchandising that highlights the quality of its contents. The leak resistant seal design of the container provides increased product shelf life and better protection of its contents. Convenience store operators benefit from the longer shelf life on their sandwiches, less shrink, and increased sales due to impulse purchasing promoted by the crystal clear packaging.

These unique tamper resistant containers with Safe-T-Gard® technology are ideal for convenience store retailers, centralized c-store commissaries and independent sandwich processors that supply these users.

Along with the entire line of Safe-T-Fresh® containers, the Sandwich Wedge is manufactured from 100% recyclable PET, benefiting convenience store retailers and processors by providing containers to their customers who desire environmentally responsible packaging.

To learn more about Inline’s Sandwich Wedge container, as well as their entire Safe-T-Fresh® line of products and packaging sustainability, visit their Website at, or scan the QR code with your smartphone.

About Inline Plastics
Inline Plastics Corp. is a leading manufacturer of innovative high quality, crystal clear PET clamshell and two-piece packaging designed to attractively merchandise fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, salads, a variety of grab-and-go foods, baked goods and deli items. Inline Plastics Corp. also has the most complete line of wash down automated equipment to load, close and label its containers.

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