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Chiquita has a rich history stretching back over 100 years. In 1944 we introduced the iconic Miss Chiquita and her famous jingle to help consumers ripen and use bananas. That same year, we became the first company to brand bananas with our now famous Chiquita blue label. While headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Chiquita truly has a worldwide presence with more than 23,000 employees and operations on six continents.

Our philosophy is quite simple: win over the hearts and smiles of today’s consumers by delivering a diverse selection of healthy fresh foods to them so they can be enjoyed either in their homes or on-the-go.

We are also fully committed to achieving this promise in a socially responsible manner. Our commitment to our employees’ health and safety, labor rights, the welfare of the communities where we do business, and a respect for the environment are all part of Chiquita’s Core Values.

In 2012, we were ranked fifth on Fortune magazine’s list of the most admired food production companies.

When you think of Chiquita, most people think of bananas. In fact, more people prefer Chiquita bananas, and our famous blue label, than any other brand. But we are so much more. We also deliver a wide selection of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed at home or on-the-go under our Chiquita and Fresh Express labels. Under the Fresh Express label, we offer a complete line of salads and healthy snacks.

For the convenience channel, we are pleased to offer our Chiquita To Go bananas with our exclusive extended shelf life technology. This proprietary technology allows up to seven extra days of shelf life to move our Chiquita To Go bananas through the supply chain and to your store so your consumers can enjoy the world’s best selling fruit. Each banana is individually stickered with a scannable UPC and is hand selected and hand cut for a consistent size and shape. We also offer a line of single serving apples, carrots, and salads with up to 21 days of shelf life. These products are a perfect fit for today’s health conscious consumer, who is looking for an economical, fresh, on-the-go snack.

About Chiquita Brands International Inc.
Chiquita’s history is a story of unique and positive transformation. From its founding by Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker in 1870 to the addition of the Fresh Express brand in 2005, Chiquita’s dedicated employees have transformed the company into one of the leading socially and environmentally responsible produce companies in the industry. The company now proudly focuses on extending labor rights, protecting its environment and investing in the communities in which it does business.
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