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The challenges never stop, the competition keeps upping their game, and at the same time, opportunities are all around us. Welcome to the convenience channel.

Cheyenne International realizes that it takes more than just good products or a good price to create success for its retail partners. We have always sought to understand your business. We strive to identify opportunities and help you solve problems so that you can be focused on your success. Adult customers are interested in a diverse range of product choices and you must have what they are looking for. We have developed a broad range of profitable products, which we continue to innovate, including cigarettes, filtered cigars, snuff, snus, cigarillos, premium cigars, RYO cigarette tobacco and
pipe tobacco.

At the summit stands one cigar brand that soars above the rest and is recognized as the proven market leader: Cheyenne Cigars. Crafted from the finest tobacco blends, Cheyenne Cigars offer adult consumers a cigar experience that is second to none. A full line of styles in a hard box packing delivers a diverse range of products that meet the needs of adult customers in all markets. Sell Cheyenne Cigars and expect a higher level of sales from your OTP category.

If your moist smokeless tobacco (MST) category could use a little more bang, add Derringer Smokeless to the mix. Derringer offers adult consumers fresh, high-quality smokeless tobacco at a low price every day.
As the price-value smokeless segment grows, Derringer stands out by delivering more profit in each can. Its moist snuff is offered in eight of the best-selling styles and is fully supported and 100% guaranteed. This allows you to provide a premium product, made from the finest, hand-selected tobaccos at an affordable price. Offer Derringer Premium Moist Tobacco and watch your MST category grow!

About Cheyenne:
In today’s world, compliance is important and you want to work with someone you can rely upon. Cheyenne International has been focused on compliance since day one. We are not only compliant with all regulations ourselves, but we work with you in the supply chain to create a continuum of compliance. As requirements continue to become more complex, you need a partner you can count on and who has your best interests at heart (like guaranteed product and no cumbersome contracts). This is simply what we’re all about. Let us show you what a great relationship with a tobacco company looks like.
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