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In these market conditions, it’s all about data and margin management. That means capturing information and then managing your decisions around efficient reporting. ADD eStore is a “Business Intelligence” centric solution that offers marketers unprecedented visibility into their operations. In addition, we have worked hard to ensure that our application complies with integrations standards and advancements being recommended by PCATS.

ADD eStore is a consolidated state of the art solution built for the fast changing needs of the convenience store market. Using the latest Microsoft database design and development tools, ADD Systems is able to deliver a progressive, flexible, and scalable software product that will streamline your business processes and provide a strong foundation for growth. Designed in concert with our trusted customer advisors, ADD eStore exemplifies a modern C-store application, one that is focused on tighter management of merchandise and fuel as well as efficient data access and movement. ADD eStore can help improve your productivity, increase your sales revenue, and improve your margins through enhanced automation and reporting. The rich feature set and efficient design of ADD eStore allow your staff to spend less time performing administrative tasks and more time providing a great customer experience for your loyal patrons.

ADD eStore is built with a SQL Server database. You will have fast and effortless access to your business data that can be compiled and pushed to customizable reports. This will avoid the need to spend countless costly hours manually reviewing multiple spreadsheets. Saving you time and money.

ADD eStore was designed after and modeled using Microsoft research which has a theme of simple and quick screen navigation and common looks and feels. Because of this, the product is highly intuitive and familiar to your employees. The end result is a user experience defined by ease of use and faster adoption by your employees both yielding faster “turn up” times at reduced costs. In addition to saving time and headaches, this should also help with employee retention and
perhaps even morale.

Since 1973, Advanced Digital Data has worked hand-in-hand with clients throughout the U.S. and Canada to understand the operational and accounting needs of the petroleum, propane, wholesale/ gasoline, lubricant, & c-store industries. Our goal has always been to develop hardware and software solutions that meet the needs of individual companies.

The experienced and dedicated employees of ADD Systems are committed to providing the Energy Distribution Industry with the best information technology solutions available.

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