The Benefits of Item-Level Inventory

Are you tracking inventory at an itemized level?

datamax_imageSince 1995, DataMax has helped tens of thousands of retailers track inventory by item resulting in increased profits and efficiencies. By tracking inventory at an itemized level, DataMax provides retailers with detailed visibility into their inventory including:

  • Cost for each item
  • Margin for each item
  • Movement for each item
  • Replenishment for each item
  • Inventory On Hand for each item
  • Physical Counts for each item

Have you been told item-level inventory is too hard and not worth the time?

A common myth we hear from retailers of all sizes is item level inventory is too hard. Generally, we find the reality is that most retailers are doing most of the work already today, and their Back Office Software (BOS) simply cannot handle item inventory properly. With automation tools such as EDI, EDI Price Book, hand held scanning devices, and Computer Assisted Ordering, along with streamlined business processes, retailers can easily achieve item-level inventory without disrupting daily operations or adding extra work.

Why do this? Simple – tracking inventory by item can result in an average of 5-10% increase in overall profits!!

How can I learn more about tracking inventory by item and debunk the retail myth?

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