Stuzo Introduces QuickStart for Conexxus

Innovation facilitates the adoption of mobile commerce standards.

Stuzo, a digital product innovation firm, has released two key technology assets for the fuel retail industry, including a testing simulator for developing Conexxus compliant mobile commerce solutions.

The first asset is Open Commerce Reference Architecture: An open plug in based reference architecture for the rapid development of mobile commerce solutions for fuel retailers and convenience stores, empowering a mobile transaction at the pump and in store. The reference architecture is analogous to a foundation of a house. It is the foundation that empowers the rapid development of a purpose built enterprise-grade mobile commerce solution.

The second is Stuzo QuickStart for Conexxus : An open simulator and dashboard for rapid understanding and testing of Conexxus compliant integrations to mock site systems, payment providers and processors, loyalty providers, mobile food ordering and virtual mobile app. The testing simulator and dashboard can be likened to a blueprint. It provides a guide for developing Conexxus compliant mobile commerce solutions.

“Stuzo has contributed a valuable set of assets to the global Fuel Retail and Convenience Store industry,” said Gray Taylor, executive director at Conexxus. “This innovation facilitates the adoption of our mobile commerce standards; adding value to the work of our membership.”

“While working on delivering mobile commerce and marketing solutions to large fuel retail and convenience store operators, we realized quickly that while Conexxus is establishing standards across the industry, technical integration of the Conexxus spec is for many merchants and platform vendors, still an obstacle,” said Gunter Pfau, CEO at Stuzo.

“As a technology company focused on digital product innovation in the fuel retail and convenience store industry,” Pfau continued, “Stuzo saw an opportunity to lower the entry barrier by offering a tool empowering Conexxus members, which would help them jump-start the standardization process across their mobile apps, site systems, payment processors, loyalty hosts, offers hosts and mobile food ordering systems. The reference architecture and implementation features an open plugin architecture, built to allow any developer or vendor to create Conexxus compliant plugins to integrate their specific systems. Our hope is that this free and open tool helps accelerate Conexxus’ mission and enable a higher degree of standardization across the industry.”

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