Strongbow Cider Brings Americans a Nature Fix

HEINEKEN announces global launch of Nature Remix campaign.

HEINEKEN is looking to bring customers back to nature with its latest campaign.

Scientists say that people living in urban environments surrounded by concrete, cars and a cacophony of city sounds feel isolated from nature. It’s called Nature Deficit Disorder and experts say that even small sparks of nature help make people smarter, happier and more aware.[1] Just in time for summer, HEINEKEN USA Inc. brand Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders—made with no artificial flavors or colors—is putting a stake in the ground to make green space more accessible to nature-starved New Yorkers.

For the U.S. launch of the brand’s global Nature Remix campaign, which was created to bring nature back into cities, Strongbow has partnered with Swale, New York’s first floating food forest. Swale was founded by visionary artist Mary Mattingly, who wanted to take advantage of Manhattan waterways and make fresh, edible perennial plants available to all New Yorkers. Thanks to Strongbow, the formerly barren barge will evolve and continue to flourish in 2017 with a blossoming apple orchard surrounded by garden beds filled with herbs, fruits and vegetables.

On May 3, the Strongbow Apple Orchard aboard Swale celebrated its official debut in New York City at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The event also kicked off Strongbow’s national seed initiative, where 150,000 sustainable seed coasters – containing an estimated 1.5 million basil and sage herb seeds – will be offered to people across the country to encourage and inspire container gardening.

The Strongbow Apple Orchard on Swale is the latest addition to the brand’s impressive 1.75 million cider apple trees grown and cared for in the UK. With 125 years of cider making history, Strongbow has become the number one[2] selling global cider brand, known for award-winning quality and the natural flavors of its British cider apple varieties.

“Nature is at the core of Strongbow. We care for more than 1 billion bittersweet apples every year, and use other natural flavors, like honey, orange and cherry blossom, in our ciders,” said Jessica Robinson, senior director of marketing, Strongbow and Amstel. “We encourage everyone to find their own natural escape – whether it’s enjoying a respite on a floating food forest circling New York City, or sharing a glass of Strongbow mixed with fruit and garnish with friends.”

The Swale partnership commences at a high point for the Strongbow brand, with sales +24% through the latest period[3], and out-pacing the category by 17 points.[4] This performance is driving the momentum generated by the sampling of 2.5 million Strongbow mini-cans in March and April where over 90% of buyers were new to the Strongbow brand.[5] In addition, the new “Nature Remix” media campaign (in heavy rotation on cable networks through 2017) is the top-performing campaign in the category, attracting drinkers by communicating Strongbow’s refreshing taste, variety of flavors, and natural ingredients. Strongbow is poised to win the summer and is sure to drive sales and profits for retailers who stock and display the award-winner flavors.

Strongbow offers a range of gluten-free hard ciders made from apples and other natural flavors. Produced and imported from the UK and Belgium, Strongbow flavors include Gold Apple, Honey, Cherry Blossom and new Orange Blossom, which combines the refreshing taste of apples with the spring-like fruity aroma of orange blossom.

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