Delta Sonic Adds PDI’s ERP Software

The move is expected to provide data consistency and operational control for Delta Sonic.

Delta Sonic Carwash Systems Inc. has selected PDI as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider.

Delta Sonic was previously a customer of The Pinnacle Corp. but became one of more than 100 customers acquired by PDI during its acquisition of Pinnacle’s ERP assets at the beginning of this year.

“Migrating to a new software solution wasn’t a decision we took lightly,” said Chris Boebel, chief information officer for Delta Sonic. “Ultimately, PDI’s central database that stretches across all its products is what sold us. It will provide data consistency and operational control across our business, which significantly reduces the amount of rework or corrective measures that often have to be taken.”

Boebel said his company was also excited about the automation capabilities in PDI’s software.

“PDI’s products are made to automate your business, which was a big deal for us. I think we’ll become much more efficient, and our staff will be able to reallocate some of their time to other areas of the business.”

Delta Sonic is based in Buffalo, N.Y. and operates 29 convenience stores, all of which have full-service car wash offerings, with some locations providing detailing and oil change services. In addition to licensing the retail, retail fuel and lottery management solutions, the retailer will also turn over the day-to-day management of its pricebook to PDI’s team of pricebook experts.

“Delta Sonic had been a Pinnacle customer since 2001, so it’s incredibly gratifying to see that relationship come full circle with PDI becoming their long-term strategic software partner,” said Drew Mize, vice president of PDI/Pinnacle operations. “We are committed to providing the solutions and services that will fit their unique business model and help them drive customer loyalty and increase topline revenue.”

PDI will continue providing support and service to the remaining acquired Pinnacle customers for however long they choose to use their current software solution.



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