Domino’s Asks Trump Administration To Stop Menu Labeling Law

Pizza chains with countless toppings and ingredients are finding the pending rules particularly arduous.

The new menu labeling regulations that retailers across the country have been dreading are set to hit May 5, and some restaurants are calling on Congress and the Trump Administration in a last ditch effort to postpone or strike down the rules.

The menu labeling rule was signed into law seven years ago as part of the Affordable Care Act and requires that chain restaurants with 20 or more locations clearly label the calories contained in each menu item. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is set to ensure the rules are followed.

“We’re looking for Donald Trump and the administration to strike this down,” Domino’s franchise owner Chris Reisch told Fox & Friends Wednesday morning.

Reisch, who owns 10 Domino’s locations, told Fox & Friends more than 34 million different possible ingredient combinations are possible. Therefore the new rule would require his locations to keep a large book on the counter detailing the specific calorie counts as well as a calculator for customers.

Other foodservice providers of pizza face similar problems.

The Washington Post reported that the American Pizza Community, a coalition of national and regional pizza chains, is advocating for an alternative bill called the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act, which would help relieve costs for small businesses and offer more accurate nutritional information to consumers, especially online.

Convenience stores are also struggling with the pending rules and NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) has also advocated for the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act.

Domino’s told Fox & Friends that 90% of its orders are made online or through its app, where calorie information is already available through its Cal-O-Meter guide.

The law is set to cost Domino’s franchisees between $3,000 to $5,000 to implement the necessary menu corrections.





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    I think ANYTHING the Obama administration has enacted is bogus and just plain counter productive.

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