Drive Foot Traffic to Store Locations

New “Store Traffic Guarantee” for the Retale mobile app helps retailers meet performance parameters.

Retale, a technology company that develops mobile-first shopping experiences, has launched the “Retale Store Traffic Guarantee.”

Now available for its retail partners, its Store Traffic Guarantee is specifically for the Retale mobile app, the company‘s flagship location-based shopping service. Today, 5,200 retailers share localized ads and coupons through the app, driving millions of shoppers to stores nearby.

With today’s announcement, Retale brings to market a first-of-its-kind, store traffic guarantee from a mobile developer. Retale commits that it will drive foot traffic to retailer store locations during a campaign period. If the threshold for in-store foot traffic is not met, Retale will offer a guarantee to meet campaign performance parameters.

To ensure verification of the Retale Store Traffic Guarantee, the company is partnering with third-party attribution provider, Placed, to measure campaign success. Placed is the market share leader in location driven insights and ad-to-store attribution, and the only solution currently in market that is independent of media. With this partnership, Placed will use its direct measurement capabilities against 60 billion first party locations to connect Retale’s in-app campaign exposure to real-world behavior. This will verify the impact of localized ads and coupons on in-store visits.

“Across the industry, we are seeing growing demand among advertisers for greater transparency and accountability from their media partners,” said Nels Stromborg, executive vice president of Retale. “In-store traffic is one of the top KPIs that retailers and brands look to when measuring the success of a platform and their media choices. We believe that our partners are right to demand media visibility and accountability, which drives core business metrics. We are putting our money where our mouth is by guaranteeing that we will deliver the value our customers deserve and expect, all validated through the market leader in attribution, Placed.”

Retale’s customer roster features the world’s top retailers– including JC Penney, Target, Rite Aid, Macy’s, Meijer and more – covering more than 1.4 million store locations globally. The Retale Store Traffic Guarantee delivers these partners unprecedented value as more retailers and brands continue to look for ways to drive consumers in-store while more accurately tracking their success.

“Placed has seen firsthand how important in-store traffic measurement is for retailers and brands when gauging the success of their advertising campaigns,” said David Shim, CEO of Placed. “The Retale platform continues to drive best-in-class performance for offline visits and in-store lift. To see a company putting its success to the test by making such a bold guarantee is really exciting. Retale choosing Placed as their trusted measurement solution for this guarantee reinforces our status as the currency for offline attribution delivering ROI, transparency and accountability.”

“From day one of our U.S. launch, we have always believed that transparency is not an option for media, but really a fundamental expectation in the marketplace, even when many competitive companies did not follow suit.” added Stromborg. “The Retale Store Traffic Guarantee is a much deeper example of our commitment.”



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