Protein Craze Spurs Meat Snack Demand

Nielsen outlines salty snack, jerky and meat stick sales.

Nielsen has reported that in the last year (week ending Feb. 25, 2017), salty snacks generated more than $27.8 billion in sales. While salty snacks are bringing in sales, customers are also on the hunt for protein, meaning meat snacks have a huge opportunity in c-stores.

A few key highlights from Nielsen:

  • A $2.8 billion category, meat snacks (including jerky and stick formats) posted compound annual sales growth of more than 7% over the past four years, with sales growth of 3.5% in the last year.
  • American households spend an average of $25.81 per year on meat snacks. Their per-trip spend on sticks and jerky is also about twice as much as it is on popular staples like potato chips and popcorn ($7.42 vs. $3.61 and $4.01, respectively).
  • Asian-American households spend the most on meat snacks each year ($31.61 on average) and are more than 22% more likely to buy meat snacks than the average shopper.

For more information, check out Nielsen’s latest blog post:


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