CITGO Kicks Off Annual Marketer Roundtable Meetings

2017 sessions to showcase trends, new initiatives and best practices.

CITGO Petroleum Corp. kicks off its annual Marketer Roundtable meetings on Jan. 10 with an emphasis on new initiatives, industry trends and best practices. Continuing through Feb. 2 in various cities throughout the company’s marketing regions, CITGO marketing personnel will address the following and more:

  • Club CITGO Mobile App updates
  • TriCLEAN TOP TIER promotion updates
  • Trimark of Excellence Mystery Shop Program enhancements
  • CITGO Rewards Credit Card Program updates
  • New Managed Installation Program for branding
  • New vendor partnerships for specialty items

“Each year, we look forward to engaging with our Marketers during these meetings to learn about their recent triumphs and challenges, because their feedback helps us tailor our programs with their success in mind,” said Alan Flagg, assistant vice president of supply and marketing for CITGO. “These gatherings also provide us with the chance to share new and exciting CITGO programs for 2017 and show our appreciation for all that our marketers do to promote the CITGO brand, including their many community engagement efforts.”

While the main goal of each of the upcoming 18 Roundtable Meetings is to inform and educate branded Marketers on CITGO initiatives for 2017, the meetings also generate enthusiasm and support for the programs that can be shared with Retailers.

To find out more or to register for the 2017 CITGO Marketer Roundtable Meetings, contact your local CITGO representative.



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