FDA Workshop Examines E-Cig Batteries, Explosions

Retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers are invited to attend.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)/Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)
is holding a public workshop on e-cigarette batteries at the White Oak Conference Center in Silver Spring, Md., April 19-20.

The science-based public workshop aims to gather information and stimulate discussion on batteries used in electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), including electronic cigarettes.

In particular, CTP seeks to gather information about battery safety concerns (e.g., overheating, fire, explosion, other modes of failure), risk mitigation, and design parameters related to ENDS.

Additionally, information related to the communication from tobacco product manufacturers or importers to distributors, wholesalers, retailers, consumers and the general public on battery-related safety concerns with the use of ENDS products will also be collected.

The workshop is open to scientific and medical experts; ENDS manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers; manufacturers of batteries for ENDS and other consumer products; federal, state, and local government agencies; and other interested stakeholders, such as academic researchers and public health organizations.

If you wish to attend the workshop in person or by Webcast, you must register by submitting either an electronic or written request no later than March 17, 2017.

Please submit electronic request to register online. Persons without Internet access may send written requests for registration to Dhanya John (see link below for more information). Requests for registration must include the prospective attendee’s name, title, affiliation, address, email address if available, and telephone number. Registration is free and you may register to either attend in-person or view the live Webcast. Both seating and viewership are limited, so early registration is recommended. FDA may limit the number of registrants from a single organization, as well as the total number of participants, if registration reaches full capacity.

For registrants with Internet access, confirmation of registration will be emailed to you no later than March 21, 2017. Onsite registration may be allowed if space is available. If registration reaches maximum capacity, FDA will post a notice closing registration on its Public Meetings & Conferences page.

For those attending the workshop in person, FDA will hold a public comment session on a number of topics on April 20, 2017, during which comments from the public will be accepted. If you would like to present during the public comment session, please indicate this at the time of registration and provide the specific topic of your presentation. FDA will do its best to accommodate requests to speak. Individuals and organizations with common interests are urged to consolidate or coordinate their remarks and request time for a joint presentation. FDA will determine the amount of time allotted to each speaker and provide instructions to speakers ahead of the meeting.

Requesters with Internet access and who have submitted a working email address will receive an email regarding your request to speak during the public comment period by March 21, 2017.

For more information: http://www.fda.gov/TobaccoProducts/NewsEvents/ucm535185.htm#objective



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