November-December 2016 Comparisons

By Bill Scott

The November-December 2016 sales comparisons are in and the products tied for the largest gain in sales for December 2016 were FANTA PINEAPPLE (20-ounce) and COBRA (32-ounce), both entering the Top 100 with a gain of 27 positions each.

Following close behind, COKE CLASSIC (two liter), and LITTLE DEBBIE MINI CHOCOLATE DONUTS gaining 21 points and 16 points respectively.

Dropping off the Top 100 were 700ML SMARTWATER (-25 positions), MARLB 72S RED HP (-21), RED BULL BLUE EDITIOIN 12OZ (-84), L&M RED (-16), L&M GREE 100 (-14), PALL MALL GREEN 100 HP (-9), GRIZZLY FINE CUT NATURAL (-9), & BLACK AND MILD JAZZ .79 (-8).


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