AAA Predicts 43.5 Million To Road Trip This Thanksgiving

Gas Pump Over WhiteTwelve states see gas price averages dip below $2.

With gas prices at a low $2.14 per gallon, AAA forecasts that some 43.5 million Americans will road trip for Thanksgiving this year.

At $2.14 gas prices are the second cheapest they have been for the holiday since 2008 when the national average was $1.85. Pump prices are only five cents higher than this time last year.

AAA predicts that the national average price for gas will fall to near $2 a gallon by the end of the year.

Twelve states are posting average gas prices below $2 per gallon. The cheapest gas can be found in Oklahoma ($1.85), Missouri ($1.90), Arkansas ($1.90) and Kansas ($1.90).

The West Coast remains the most expensive region to buy gasoline in the U.S., led by Hawaii ($2.86) and California ($2.70).

Markets rallied early on Nov. 21 and oil prices hit their highest point in three weeks based on reports that an OPEC production agreement could be close.




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